Meet Witchhazel - the halloweeny detachable collar pack of our Stitching Witches Collection

Meet Witchhazel - the halloweeny detachable collar pack of our Stitching Witches Collection

Inspired by our first sewing pattern release of our Stitching Witches Collection - the Blackberry Dress - we created a detachable collar sewing pattern pack called Witchhazel for you! 

5 halloween-y removable collars for you to choose from! 

The detachable collar is the perfect accessory to make you look unique and stylish. Give your garments a whole new look by sewing one of these simple collars.

This Halloween collar set is perfect to spice up your looks during spooky-season. Whether you want to add a little spooky twist to your everyday outfits, or if you want to create a whole costume - you will find many possibilities with this collar pack!

Detachable collars are also the perfect handmade present for your friends and family. Try this easy DIY gift as one of your beginner sewing projects.

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Sew your Witchhazel fake collars to add a little halloween into your everyday life or create a full halloween costume around it!
Decide how minimal, elegant, fun or witchy you want your outfit to be! 
Try using halloween-y printed fabrics, bold colors or embroidery to spice things up!

Witchhazel's Features

  • Never-ending design options in the one big halloween collar pack
  • Halloween witchy designs! 
  • Getting creative with collars - lots of ideas!
    and as always:
  • Mix & Match to create your individual design. Mix Fronts and Backs!
  • With this Pattern you will learn

    • installing a collar
    • making loops & ties
    • sewing sharp corners
    • getting creative with collars
    • + more ♡


    Look at all the Witchhazel versions!
    Witchhazel Version E from the front and the back combined with our Blackberry dress.


    We included 5 versions for you to teach you all required techniques in the sewing instruction. 
    Use these techniques to create every possible collar of your dreams! 




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    Mix & Match

    Combine as you like, to create a unique Witchhazel Collar matching your style best.
    We included 5 versions in the sewing instructions to teach you all required techniques. 

    Choose from 5 fronts, 5 backs, 3 collar stands and 2 different closures.

    • Fronts: 5 witchy styles
    • Backs: 5 witchy styles
    • Collars: round collar stand, square collar stand, ruffle collar & without collar
    • Closures: loop + button & tie
    See these Mix & Match ideas for inspiration on how to design your individual version of the Witchhazel fake collar.
    You are able to mix every front with every back for multiple new looks! Also try layering several collars on top of each other
    Mixing and matching also allows you to use the same pattern multiple times to create a totally unique looking garment each time you sew it!


    Skill Level

    Scilla is a sewing pattern aimed at beginner sewists - skill level "beginner".

    Suitable for all sewists who look for an easy DIY project to learn common techniques. 
    With Blackberry you will learn how to sew common sewing techniques. You should be a bit comfortable with your sewing machine and bring patience with you to master some more tricky parts like sharp corners - nothing to worry about, all you need is patience, time and precision. 

    We made sure to teach you everything in our detailed illustrated instructions that will guide you through the process!

    Need more information about our skill levels? Read our Guide

    Elegant or witchy, you get to decide! 

    Sizing and Formats

    A4/ US Letter + A0/ Copy Shop

    Witchhazel is available as a PDF Sewing Pattern for you to instantly download. You will get an email immediately after purchase with a PDF to either print and assemble at home, suitable both for A4 and US Letter formats or send to a copyshop or pattern printer to print to full scale on A0.

    With or without seam allowances

    All Stitchmaiden patterns come in two file versions, one that includes seam allowances, which are 1 cm (3/8”) unless otherwise stated on the pattern or in the instructions and one version without seam allowances, so you can add your own. 

    If you need more help, read our Guide on how to use PDF Sewing Patterns

    Our sewing patterns feature clear instructions with step-by-step illustrations to guide you through the sewing process.


    Witchhazel Version A in contrasting fabrics on a black Kalina blouse

    Witchhazel version B - without a collarstand and a minimal matching button closure to let the bat shape speaks for itself

    Witchhazel version E (top) has all the drama - a big pointed collar and a collar stand adorned with ruffles. Witchhazel version C (bottom) is a cute and simple splash of colour on the white Kalina blouse. 
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    Witchhazel detachable collar pack is part of the Stitching Witches Collection.
    We will update this collection each Halloween season for more spooky sewing projects. In the meanwhile: check out other dreamy Stitchmaiden Sewing Patterns.

    We can't wait to see your accessory! Don't forget to tag us on Instagram @stitchmaiden using the hashtag #Stitchmaiden so we, and the sewing community, can see your makes!


    Happy Stitching,
    Lucy & Faye

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