Skill Level

Sewing Skill Level - Easy, Beginner, Advanced, Intermediate, Expert

Stitchmaiden patterns are divided into five skill levels indicated by the 5 diamonds. By using this diamond chart, you can choose a pattern that matches your skill level. You may also want to try with a suitable challenge by going up one skill level.

With Stitchmaiden Patterns you will find detailed step by step instructions to help you assemble your garment, no matter the skill level! All important techniques are always explained in detail! This makes going up one skill level for a new learning experience more easy.

You are very experienced? - Congratulations! See our Short Instructions for quick assembly notes without details.

Please keep in mind that your experience with different fabric types is also important.



skill level stitchmaiden

These patterns are suitable for beginners and only include very simple basic sewing techniques. Easy level patterns have simple cuts and likely will not require modifications.


skill level stitchmaiden

These patterns are still simple but include some additional construction and assembly methods.


skill level stitchmaiden

Intermediate patterns are patterns that include a large number of different constructions and details. These patterns have more couture fitting cuts, which means that they may sometimes require slight alterations.


skill level stitchmaiden

At this level, patterns already include many different advanced techniques and details.


skill level stitchmaiden

Expert level patterns are designed for experienced sewers and include many different challenging techniques and design elements.