Meet the victorian fanny pack -  the Aster belt bag pack!

Meet the victorian fanny pack - the Aster belt bag pack!


Brandnew pattern for you - another cute accessory to quickly sew and add to your outfits! 

These victorian inspired belt bags let you bring all the essentials for your adventures like a modern fanny pack. May it be picking flowers in the woods or carrying your phone - always have an extra pocket available!

Inspired by original victorian accessories called “traveling reticule” or “chatelaine purse” these belt pouches add practicality and a fashionable accessory to your outfit!

Of course you also see those styles in medieval or renaissance inspired outfits, so this accessory might be the perfect addition to your historybounding wardrobe!


A great beginner to intermediate project to sew a truly fairytale accessory - try it out!

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We added one plain belt in this sewing pattern pack, but of course you can wear the bags with all your belts or ribbons! Try the Bryony belt pack for more matching belts to wear with your Aster bags and the Magnolia dress with integrated belt for the perfect match!

Aster's Features

✦ Mix & Match: 5 different design versions in the one pattern
✦ Belt pack accessory to match with all your outfits - additional pockets!
✦ Fits most smartphones + small daily necessities (tissues, chapstick e.g.)
✦ Perfect to wear with our Magnolia dress, Bryony belt pack and Marigold dress

With this pattern you will learn

✦ belt making
✦ lining a bag
✦ making button-loop closures
✦ sew specific shapes neatly with the template-technique


Cute accessory that adds a lot of historybounding flair
and practicality to your outfits! 

You also see those styles in medieval or renaissance inspired outfits, so this accessory might be the perfect addition to your historybounding wardrobe!

letters, phone, sewingkit, lipgloss - everything you need for
your daily essentials should fit into these
chatelaine style pouches.

Longer in the back than in the front, this cape has truly magical fairytale vibes. The big hood with a separated middle piece provide the matching fairytale hood silhouette.


    Aster comes with 5 bag variations as well as with a minimal belt, so you can sew a matching set of belt and bag!
    The bags are designed to be small enough to easily attach and carry around, but big enough to hold your daily essentials. It should fit most phones easily.
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    Mix & Match 

    Combine as you like, to create a unique Aster belt bag matching your style best.

    We included 5 versions in the sewing instructions to teach you all required techniques. 

    Choose from 5 bags, 5 flaps and 3 belt straps. We added a belt so you can carry around your new bag.

    ✦ Bags: 5 unique shapes
    ✦ Flaps: 5 unique shapes
    ✦ Straps: small loops, chatelaine style + continuous loop
    ✦ Belt: one simple belt

    5 Versions + Belt


      Skill Level

      Aster is a sewing pattern aimed at beginner sewists. 

      Suitable for all new sewists who want a wearable sewing projects and simple designs with easy to sew seams. But please make sure to accomplish more easier projects first like detachable collars or bows. 
      Aster is not hard to sew, but you will line these bags as well as deal with lots of fabric layers, that require a bit of patience and confidence with your sewing machine. 

      We made sure to teach you everything in our detailed illustrated instructions that will guide you through the process!

      Need more information about our skill levels? Read our Guide


      Sizing and Formats

      A4/ US Letter + A0/ Copy Shop

      Aster is available as a PDF Sewing Pattern for you to instantly download. You will get an email immediately after purchase with a PDF to either print and assemble at home, suitable both for A4 and US Letter formats or send to a copyshop or pattern printer to print to full scale on A0.

      With or without seam allowances

      All Stitchmaiden patterns come in two file versions, one that includes seam allowances, which are 1 cm (3/8”) unless otherwise stated on the pattern or in the instructions and one version without seam allowances, so you can add your own. 

      If you need more help, read our Guide on how to use PDF Sewing Patterns

      Our sewing patterns feature clear instructions with step-by-step illustrations to guide you through the sewing process.


      Aster worn with the Marigold dress - you can easily add
      Aster pockets to all your belts, waistbands and ribbons! 

      Sew Aster in a matching fabric to your
      dress for a more minimal look 

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      Aster is part of the Little Red Stitching Hood Collection!
      Check out other patterns of this collection as well as all dreamy Stitchmaiden Sewing Patterns.

      We can't wait to see your bags! Don't forget to tag us on Instagram @stitchmaiden using the hashtag #Stitchmaiden so we, and the sewing community, can see your makes!

      Happy Stitching,
      Lucy & Faye

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